Beier S, Thiel T, Münch T, Scholz U, Mascher M (2017) MISA-web: a web server for microsatellite prediction. Bioinformatics 33 2583–2585.

Thiel T, Michalek W, Varshney R, Graner A (2003) Exploiting EST databases for the development and characterization of gene-derived SSR-markers in barley (Hordeum vulgare L.). Theoretical and Applied Genetics 106 (3): 411-422

Version info: 

v2.1, 2020-08-25



This tool allows the identification and localization of perfect microsatellites as well as perfect compound microsatellites which are interrupted by a certain number of bases. In order to design primers flanking the microsatellite loci, two PERL scripts serve as interface modules for the program-to-program data interchange between MISA and the primer modeling software Primer3 (Whitehead Institute). For installation instructions of Primer3 see